How a lot chia seeds do you have to eat in a day?

Identified to be a wealthy supply of vitamins, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium, chia seeds have come to be recognized as a preferred superfood at present. Therefore, it isn’t stunning that many individuals swear by soaked chia seeds to kickstart their day on a wholesome be aware. “Sure, chia seeds are a fantastic supply of protein and fibre that assist in relieving constipation. Additionally, they’re equally nice for the pores and skin, hair, and hormone well being,” Dr Karishma Shah, a nutritionist, advised Nevertheless, very like all the things, extreme consumption of chia seeds can have sure dangerous results. So, how a lot is an excessive amount of in the case of these power-packed seeds?

To reply the identical, Vara Yanamandra, an Ayurveda professional, took to Instagram to put in writing: “When you is perhaps enthusiastic to strive these internet-hyped meals, this submit is a reminder that not all meals on the market are meant for you!” Including that “little question it’s a wholesome meals,” the professional harassed that like some other meals, “it could possibly result in undesirable unintended effects when utilized in extra.”

Within the submit titled ‘What can go fallacious with consuming chia seeds daily?’, Dr Yanamandra additional wrote that regardless of being a “fibre wealthy meals with important amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants which makes them wholesome like some other meals on the market,” these seeds are “probably the most hyped meals of the modern-day.”

It is because, if consumed in extra, the excessive fibre content material within the seeds could make it troublesome to digest them, and might set off the motions inflicting constipation. Not simply this, “as a result of presence of phytic acid in chia, the absorption of minerals like iron and zinc from meals, might be impaired,” she shared.

Moreover, individuals on blood thinners ought to keep away from consuming chia seeds as “they’ll work together with the blood thinners as a result of excessive omega-3 fatty acids.”

Agreed Dr Shah, and advised that “two to 3 spoons of chia seeds are sufficient to be consumed in a day.”

Dr Yanamandra, additional listed a couple of pointers to bear in mind whereas consuming chia seeds

Methods to eat it then?

* Improve your consumption of water whereas consuming chia.

*Keep away from when you’ve got any meals intolerances or sensitivities.

* Discontinue utilization in case you really feel bloated after consuming them.

* Don’t have it daily recurrently!

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