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The Importance of Preparing for Teaching Certification Tests

If you’re eyeing the teaching profession in some states, you’ll be put to specific tests meant to gauge your understanding of subjects in question. Adquate preparation is mandatory for your to score well in the tests and meet criteria for an appropriate teaching course or admission into the teaching field. Thankfully, you can utilize important tools, like Praxis Core practice test or CBEST practice test and get ready to take important exams, paving the way for a teaching certification.

Defining the CBEST Exams

If you aspire to one time join a school in Oregon or California so you can work there as a teacher or administrator, there’s the mandatory California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) that you must take and pass. Lawmakers developed the exam for would-be teachers to make sure that every educator can show they’re adequately knowledgeable in a couple of subjects, promising a great education for students.

CBEST is administered in English only, and it attempts to gauge a future educator’s basic mastery of math, reading, and writing. This exam is split into three parts, with a possible score of 20-80 for each. The minimum passing score for the test is 41, implying that you need a total score of 123 for all the sections to pass. In case your entire score is 123 or above, but you earned 37 in one of the test sections, you’re deemed triumphant. Yet, the total score won’t matter as you’ll be deemed failed if you get lower than 37 in any of the exams.

Defining the Praxis Core Test

Praxis Core assessments attempt to determine if a would-be teacher has basic capacity to write, read, and do math. The tests were developed such that they can comprehensively assess the knowledge of a candidate that seeks to join a teaching preparation program.

Certain institutions of higher learning do give Praxis Core tests to evaluate individuals who are joining their teacher training programs. Similarly, it’s a licensing requirement in most states for educators working at their schools to pass Praxis Core assessments.

Praxis assessments are given on a PC, same as CBEST. No matter your test of choice, you must be ready to pass to successfully enter the teaching profession. When you utilize resources like Praxis Core practice test, you encounter questions similar to what you may face during the actual test moment. Also, preparations based on study aids give you the capacity to resist anxieties associated with examination and learn to complete the tests in the stipulated time.

Therefore, your Praxis Core or CBEST study guide will prove very critical as you aspire to join teachers training and qualify as a teacher in your state.

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