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4 Things You Can Do to Make Your Home friendly for Kids

When you have kids in the house, you can’t help but worry about what they are up to and how safe they are, especially when you are not watching over them. You cannot take chances with kids’ safety because they are more interested in having fun than taking precautions. If anything, it is you who will take care of damages and injuries when they mess up.

One of the items you can consider is the sofas. Kids love to play on sofas while in the house and they do not know how to keep them clean. They pour drinks and food items on them, sit on them with dirty clothes, and step on them with dirty feet and shoes. No matter how many times you advise them otherwise, it always happens. What you can do to make them enjoy and reduce your stress levels at the same time is to invest in good quality leather couches that are easy to clean and sturdy. Or, choose slip covered couches that have fabric which is stain resistant for easy cleaning.

Another thing to specially consider is your coffee tables and cabinets. It is not advisable to buy sharp edged furniture for your home when you have kids who are learning to walk. The sharp edges are dangerous and cause so much pain when a person hits themselves upon them and can lead to severe injuries for your kids. As an alternative, go for round and oval shaped tables and cushion them on the top if possible to make them blunt, and blunt edged cupboards. This reduces their risk of injury when children play roughly around them. Also, avoid buying cupboards because they can easily fall on them, but if you must, make them as heavy as possible and place in rooms where your kids do not visit a lot.

The type of flooring you install is also crucial. The right kind of floor to have when you have kids around is one which is not slippery, hard to clean, or cold. Hardwood floors can easily be cleaned, but they are very slippery particularly when a person is in socks. Concrete floors can be cleaned easily too, but they get very cold sometimes. Try carpet tiles because they are easy to clean, slip resistant, and warm on the feet.

When you have kids at the crayons stage, your walls will be a source of stress. To maintain your sanity, coat your walls with a type of paint that is easy to clean in the rooms where they visit the most or install chalkboards on the walls to make everybody happy. Again, no matter how many times you tell them not to do things that you do not want them to, they will repeat them. Be wise!